September 29, 2012

Family Fall Session. Calming!

The words calm, kind, and gentle come to the tip of my tongue with this post.
Suzanne & Paul are all those wonderful words.
I love being around nice children. And these kiddos have a genuine niceness to them.
Zach and Hanna are easy to be around.

I've known Suzanne for a lot of years.  In fact I knew her long before she knew me.
I was a Lifeguard.  She was the smooth swimmer in the pool.  Very talented 15 year old at that time.

Out paths separated and have come back together in all kinds of ways.
This wonderful Mom has become such a huge support to me, a role model and a friend for life.  Being a nurse, she has been an amazing resource to me as a Mumma.  Paul comes by the nickname, DIESEL, honestly.  This man can ride a bike like no one I've ever known.

Wonderful folks.
And the wee sweet girl in these photos is one day older than my wee man and is truly as sweet as she looks.
The blonde boy, I could hang out with this lil dude for weeks.  He has spirit galore and is very tender hearted!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from an evening last week.
They introduced me to SHANNON TERRACE in Fish Creek Park.
It left me in awh!

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