September 12, 2012

Glass half FULL!

Without a doubt, I am blessed.
I have a lot of  'things' and folks to be thankful for.
I am human.
I sometimes can't help but question why roadblocks are thrown in front of me?
Making mistakes is frustrating.
And feeling the direct knee jerk, or what I feel seems to be a knee jerk can leave a mark.
But at least I have choices.

At the end of the day, my glass is indeed half FULL.
The family and friends and very special boys in my house remind me of this.
I have so much.
Half full baby.  Maybe even 3/4!

(all of these photos are iPhone Instagram photos. Follow me at plusoneweebean)

1 comment:

  1. Just remember the road blocks and challenges are often the place where we experience our BIGGEST growth/learning and they also help us to see, very clearly, what really is important and what we really want.
    Countdown to deportation?!?
    I got your back, Mumma...and I'll even take your Bean if you decide to keep on keepin' on in the corporate scene!
    BIG love.


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