September 10, 2012

Teeny. Tiny. Twinsies.

Almost a month ago I had the opportunity to photograph TWINSIES.
Sarah & Henry.
Newborn photography is a challenge.  I can't lie.
And twins bring it up at least a notch or two.
It's tough!

I am so grateful to have met this family.
Alyson delivered these itty bitty babies at 33 weeks!  6 weeks later I met them at 5 lbs each.  It was surreal. TINY doesn't quite give you a clear visual.
If you have small children you are well aware of the chaos, blessed chaos of course, that comes with them.
This family is organized, calm, and has it together!  Wow, I was so impressed.
I give so much credit to the families with twins.  It is another dimension.

I look forward to the chance to document these littles down the road...
Still so much to learn about documenting special littles and families.
Photography school starts again tomorrow.  EEK!

Aren't they dreamy.

This furry fella seems very calm and cool with the new kids in town!
Such a beautiful dog.

I have taken so many lessons away from these sessions I've been blessed with.
Thank you so much for helping my learning journey.  
I am truly grateful.  The more I learn, the more I want to learn.

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