April 16, 2013

Closing day...

Our ski season came to a close this past weekend.
What a memorable season indeed.
Beanie made his own fresh tracks, Mumma remembered how to ski again, we made friends, had a few tantrums on the hill and shared a heck of a lot of hot chocolate!
Success indeed.
The hot chocolate was always our favourite part.
And I'm happy to report that one of 3 special diggers made it to the hill with us EACH & EVERY WEEKEND!
Yes, diggers rule.
(pick your battles?  famous advice that has come in so very handy).

Now we look forward to FernieHouse2, biking, and so many more adventures.

1 comment:

  1. Well this is some inspiration for us for next year. Always nice to see little ones enjoying the snow... and how awesome is that to ski at such a young age! Hopefully you are enjoying some spring weather too ... finally!!! =)


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