April 4, 2013


We walked to and from CREAMS this evening in the rain.
Just him and I.
20mins each way.
We didn't even melt.
Mmmmm, them were good CREAMS!
Love my boy so much.  Even when he protests naps.

We also picked up one large bag of garbage and one large bag of pop bottles.
YUP, in the rain!


  1. That first photo is just to-die-for. A framer, for sure! Is Creams like Dairy Queen?

    Good for you, for picking up trash and recyclables in the rain! Do you allow the little one to pick up himself? Maile ALWAYS wants to pick up and throw away bits of trash sometimes left at her playground; I want to encourage her, but sometimes I'm not sure about the ickies!

    1. CREAMS is indeed DQ! Or all things IceCream!


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