April 2, 2013

iPhone POWER! Blog Circle.

Once again I have the opportunity to group up with a wonderful team of bloggers, parents and photographers and share our passion, photography.
We exchange and encourage each other through an online group almost daily.  I'm very grateful to be a part of this circle, it supports my commitment to photos of my life and family and has gifted me with heeps of learning.
Please stop by to admire their talents, love and adventures!

My post this month is all about my iPhone photos. It seems these days everyone is carrying a "smart" phone.  And it has become so easy to capture candid moments with them.
I will never miss a chance to take a "phone pic".  Missing the daily grind moments is not an option for me.  Given the choice to take a photo on my iPhone or miss out entirely because I don't have my BIG camera I will always pick taking an iPhone photo.  No matter what the quality.

I'm a heavy INSTAGRAM user but have also found PICFX, VINTIQUE & HYPSTAMATIC pretty fun Apps for photo magic.

Here are a few BUNCH of my favorite iPhone photos.
It is impossible for me to pick 10 favorites...

Please go and check out Catherine's work this month.
A totally different twist on looking at her subjects.
She is a great friend and a talented Photographer, not to mention a kick a$$ Mom!


  1. Sandra! These are great!! What a wonderful collection of photos, iPhone or not. I hope you have some of these printed for your walls, 'cause they're perfect. :)

  2. I loved seeing your iphone photos. As you know, I'm not a big iphone user but this is a good reminder to grab those moments. Love that lens flair app!

  3. Love that you took them all with your iPhone! Great work!

  4. Fun phone pictures! Great job capturing some great moments.

  5. I <3 your stuff on instagram!!


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