April 17, 2013

Run on.

I am a runner.
In 2009 I ran the Sacramento Marathon.
I qualified to run Boston.
A HUGE bucket list item for me.
A HUGE bucket list item for most every runner on the planet.
I never did that race because I had a baby in my belly shortly after qualifying.
I knew there would be many more marathons.
More hopes of another BQ (Boston Qualifier) time.

Now I'm not so sure.
I pray for happy.
and healing.
and answers.

I wish for the kindness to overshadow the evil.
I wish for tragedy to get lost and never make it's way back to our world.

Prayers and thoughts for the folks that hurt and heal and help solve these horrible crimes.
Prayers for the entire running community.
Family members.
Sideline high fivers.

There is good out there.  We know this for sure.  We must remember this....
and run on.

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