June 10, 2012


The Calgary Zoo is a wee Kingdom of wonderfabuloso!
It has come such a long way from metal cages and looking between the tiny glass windows that I remember as a kid (and as a kid I had great memories of the zoo by the way).

So much to see, do, hear, smell, and learn. The LEARNING that goes on at this place is crazy.
Bugs, plants, tractors, family dynamics, critters, parks.  You name it, we learn about it!
Every season, even the snowy snarly season that starts with W!
In all honesty, it is a great garden to turn your brain off and walk if you are having one of THOSE weeks and just need a safe space to breathe fresh air and let your kid "be" beside you.

This Peacock was MAGNIFICENT! Like amazingly magnificent! In fact, MAGNIFICENT doesn't quite cut it.
The photos do not do it justice.
I could not look away. That say heeps for a someone with a large DISLIKE for birds.  
It's sounds.
Gentle, but curious way.
Keeps you coming back for more
Seriously a creature from the heavens.
Does everyone find it hard not to follow these creatures around.
(secret fact: Grama and Andrew threw it a cheerio or two).  GONE in seconds.

Andrew gives Grama the guided tour of the corners of the zoo we manage to get to on a regular basis.
We sneakily (is that a word?) managed to scoot around the P.A.R.K.... the big one anyway.  
Can not even say that word these days without a long pit stop. 
Some days our trip to the zoo is just a glorified park run.  Pretty sure this applies to many families with toddlers!

Mini critter...
Huge curiosity... or maybe more in love with our cheerios too?

These pigs have become a highlight of every trip to the zoo.
Thanks to Pike, a good friend's little, we have been calling them WIZARD PIGS.  That was the name P gave to them way back when.  Spot on appropriate if you ask me!

SHELDON the turle.
This fella is strollin every time we visit.
Sheldon!  How did they come up with that name?  Gotta ask next week!

Is it safe to say this dude is having a bad hair day? Just sayin'!

This monkey is playing hard to get.

Apres Zoo shinanigans with Grama!  LOVE!

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