June 5, 2012

A day for Mom?

Mother's Day means many things to me.
This year it was low key just like I like it.  Chores, naps, fence peaking games, and Tim Hortons!
Aside from the men doing the chores and Grama sitting like a Princess in the lawn chair  (well deserved supervising indeed!) I can take two things away from these photos:
1.  Andrew is in need of a haircut
2.  Our fence is screaming for a paint job.
OK, three things...
3.  I'm so happy to have smiling and wonderful family members!
Not a bad way to spend a backyard day.

(Andrew is wearing his Superman swim get-up because it was sprinkler running weather that just happened to be interrupted by chores, dirt, pizza, and fun with Papa & Grama.  I swear I don't dress my child up like a creepy superhero everyday).

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