June 17, 2012


My Dad is perhaps the greatest superhero to ever live!
That is said with no exaggeration, no kidding, and no bull!

We have shared many years of CFL seasons tickets.  Just him and I.
We rarely miss a game and we take a silly self portrait every single time.
We capture these moments.  They mean so much to me to be able to have this event with my Dad!
Find a tradition.  Make it yours. Something he has taught me to grab and love.

He is a Farmer.
A Husband.
A Dad.
A Grandpa.
And to Andrew, he's PAPA.
The Best.
He is brilliant.  Never giving himself the credit he deserves.
He is the lifeline of our family, the power and passion.  The old fashion kind.  It's REAL!
Teacher, mentor, silent and strong.
He keeps opinions to himself when it is the right thing to do. His words are meaningful when they must be. People listen.
He has instilled honesty and pride in me.  Something that our busy world looses track of in order to get ahead.
My Dad, along side my Mom is the hardest worker I know.
He will be 65 next week and he can work circles around 10 young men. BIG CIRCLES.
Andrew looks up to his Papa and looks just like his Papa.  Amazing.
I love you so much Dad!
Thank you for all you do.  For all you are.  For all you give.

Tomorrow I will be posting on Andrew's Dad.  A very special man who deserves his very own post.
Love you D!


  1. Awe - I love that you take a self portrait at every game! It's evident even to those who haven't met him, what a great person your Father is. And Beanie sure does look like him, doesn't he? Great post S!

  2. Beautiful post!
    And I believe every word is it because a) your dad's a cowboy and b) you are an incredible lady which means he must be an incredible dad to have raised you to be just so damn awesome!
    BIG love,

  3. Been catching up on your blog posts and love them. This one brings tears to my eyes and I don't even know your dad! You are a great writer and so good at expressing how you feel through your words and photos. What a wonderful Father's Day gift!

  4. I love this post so much. You are so excellent at expressing yourself through words and your photos. This brought tears to my eyes and I don't even know your dad! What a wonderful Father's Day gift :)


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