June 7, 2012


Have chariot.
Will ride!

Riding used to jazz me up like nothing else.
Road riding that is.
I miss the hours in the saddle...
The saddle sores...
The sore feet...
The foot cramps...
Need I go on?
Riding solo was KICK ASS!!
Burnin through powerbars like they actually taste good! Uhm yeah, they don't... taste... good...
These days I've made a wee shift in my ride to my heavy silver mountain TREK.
Instead of my sleek, carbon fibre sparkly blue TREK (AKA Blue Bell).  Yes, we have more bikes than shoes in this home... is that wrong?
The orange chariot bounces along behind for an added workout.
The Bean is tucked safely inside with snacks that could feed a mid sized army.
It is a perfect way to see corners of our city that just need to be loved.
I haven't been on my road bike since Bean arrived.
I'm struggling with every ounce to get back on it.  Not sure why??? Just can't seem to get my gears in gear.
GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER LADY my roadie pals have said... those without kids that is!
Perhaps riding on the side of busy highways with very little shoulders on tiny skinny tires with cars whizzing inches from my handle bars sometimes hearing ignorant gestures thrown out car windows and the odd slurpee thrown at my head feels a bit RISKY with a little man at home?
Whatev... I still miss it.
But the alternate is pretty fantastic!

Not sure when Blue Bell will resurface but for now we are sticking to riding around the Calgary Reservoir as a family, and celebrating with popsicles at the end.
It is gorgeous, a workout, and a great way to show Andrew that being active can be inexpensive and FUN!

Here are a few from a few wknds ago on the Res off our bikes.  I'm slowly playing catch up with pictures!

Heritage Park

I love everything about this photo!
Seriously handsome!
The helmet is not popular yet!


  1. Great photos Sandra! Bean is always such a happy little guy!!

  2. I love all of these pictures. And such a great post...LOVE your positive, healthy attitude Mumma!

  3. Suzanne7.6.12

    Awesome photo's!
    Amazing how things have changed. I'm glad that you've found a way to get back on your bike!! Those kinds are rides are great.

  4. Annabelle11.6.12

    You have a special touch with the camera Sandra, such awesome pics! I know what that experience is like with the "unpopular bike helmet".... Ava wasn't crazy with it either. But now, it usually goes on without a fuss (thank goodness), Amen to snacks! Enjoy many more fun rides together over the summer!


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