June 14, 2012


Never in a hundred years will I be able to put into words what these photos mean to me.

Country roots.
Country life.
Country family.

Nothing like it.  I wish I could package it and pass it around to all the wonderful folks I know.
It is a reward like no other.  A true blessing.  Something I wish everyone could experience, even for just one day.
Sharing this heritage with our wee Bean is the greatest gift we can pass his way. It is honest heritage.
My parents are third generation on this land. My Great Grandfather (Andrew) a pioneer in the area.
I've touched on my rural upbringing before but I can't help but post about it over and over.

I live in the city for now but I am PURE COUNTRY!
Thank you Papa and Grama for the treasures.

(these are everyday photos captured in the middle of workdays.  no posing necessary)
(these little ditties are from my iPhone.  I annoy the hell out of everyone but I love capturing special moments!)

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