March 1, 2012

Little People - Science Geeks!

The Calgary Science Centre - SPARK!
Have you been?
You should!
In fact, don't just go once, buy a seasons pass ($60) and go over and over and over.
You won't be disappointed. And it WILL take you days to get through it all.
(hint, go really early, it gets a bit coo coo. Waist high little people everywhere hopped up on learning and exploring!  HELLO CRAZY!!!)

This week we met my two gal friends and babes that we met in our Doula class.
Children ran and explored with huge eye twinkles and stimulation galore!
Mumma's ran behind and said OOOOO AHHHH at all the sparkly things to push, pull, squish, scratch and admire and not have to worry about cleaning any of it up.
It is that wonderful. And pretty much heavenly to keep kids happy on a cold wintery day.

Our minis were born within 3 weeks of each other, Andrew the oldest, followed by William 9 days later and Cairo 19 days after that.
Always amazes me the PHASES these kidlets go through, and at different, but same paces.
Bubble organ!
Dualing organ!
HUGE fan of the bubble organ!
Mr. Fix-It!
Admiring the ART!
Can I play?
If you've been to the Science Ctr you will understand the irony in this sign.

Both Darcy and I have Science degrees so who knows, maybe there is a wee bit of Science Geek in all of us?
AMEN to that!

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