March 9, 2012


What does the word KIND mean to you?

Is it about giving hugs?
Is it about passing along gifts?
Is it about opening doors for others?
or shovelling your neighbour's snowy side walk?
Is it about sharing a smile, high five or OH YEAH?
Is it about lending a hand?
Is it about missing out on your own appointment to help someone else get to theirs?
or just being gentle, opening your ears, and accepting?

This week I had a date with a friend and her two dudes, I've blogged about her here before.
The word KIND was used in 5/10 of her sentences with her boys, consistently. In a way that when she left I found myself really thinking about what KINDNESS meant and continued to use the word with our little Bean more than ever before.

Brings on a peaceful feeling doesn't it when you say it out loud.

Our city is hectic, and fast, and crowded.
It is getting more and more that way, so much so that I wonder if kindness is valued anymore?
I'm not getting philisophical but have you counted how many times someone will wait and hold open a door, or better yet, how many doors you've held open?  I'm just sayin...

How do the sayings go???
... Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!
... Treat others as you'd like to be treated!
Do children learn this in school?
I'm sure we will find out soon enough as Andrew approaches classes, lessons, and group activities.

Simple concept really. I'm following K and going to say that word a bunch more!

So after my wee life lesson here are some cuties from the week so far!
BE KIND!  It is awesome!
jake, the no nan (snowman)
bean & dada
sleepin on the job
i run!
no excuses
b says CHEEZE!
he ponders
we pose

Have a fab weekend!
We've got some kindness to spread around.


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