March 16, 2012

The BEST at being a BESTIE!

I've ventured out HUGE.
I've tackled a personal fear - COMMITMENT!
I've actually made a commitment and started a photog course at MRU.
Lots to learn.
HUGE amounts to learn is more like it.
Unfamiliar territory.
Leaving wee Bean at night.
Busting out of my sweat pants and taking on the world.

OK, well maybe not really, that may be a bit dramatic.... but to me it is head butting a challenge (one of oh so many, oh the issues) and stepping way out of my comfort spot.

I suppose to most it isn't a big deal but I'm on week two of an eight week course and I'm stuffed with joy because I'm DOIN IT!
It is a two thumbs up kind of course!
Anywhoooo, it happens at the end of my "work" day when the Hi Dad, Welcome home Dad, bathtime Bean, dinner round two, clean up, conversation between adults, hurry hurry hurry and 1-2-3 off to bed happens.
Oh yes, THAT time of nite.

This week both adults in the house had the opportunity to do something we love which meant our overlap parenting routine was out the window so we could enjoy.

I'm sending a huge huge HUG to one of my besties ROBYN.
She graciously stayed to play with Andrew so Dad and Mom could get done what they needed/wanted to get done and Andrew wouldn't be left in a closet eating hard cherrios. Not that we do that often... ok, so we've never done that, but I've maybe wondered once or twice if kids would be OK if parents did that.... KIDDING.  GEESH!

I'm very grateful for the quick and awesome babysitting gig that Robyn took on.
She sent me a few photos of her and Bean... put my mind to rest (good friends know when to do this kind of stuff!)
I realize this may not be a big deal for most families but for us it was HUGE.
And since HUGE is one of my favorite words this week, I'm HUGELY celebrating an amazing friend.
Thank you Auntie Robyn.  WE LOVE YOU!

Happy weekend!
I received this as I walked into class.
and this came not long after.

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