March 26, 2012

FIRST Tracks!

I am BURSTING with huge amounts of PRIDE!
It was a weekend of so many near tears moments.  Good tears.
I can't really put it in words but I bet most are well aware of that very same emotion.
PRIDE is an amazing concept.
It brings out smiles, and tears, and feelings I never thought I'd let overcome me.
I now know why my Mom would cry at my ringette games and never missed many.
And why my Dad took such joy in standing behind the bench coaching for so many years.
I'm a proud parent.

He skis!
And the fact that he is 
    just wee
    barely talking
    learning a million things a day
    nearly as small as his actual skis
makes it even more special.
Super creepy animal flags on the kids hill!
The Dad is the talented one on skis/snowboards.
And the Mom is learning to take photos.
This is why you will rarely see me on this blog, which is totally OK in my world.


  1. Looks like so much fun :)
    You're getting really good at taking photos, btw!

  2. how fun! you have a beautiful family!


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