March 8, 2012

Laurie Love... it keeps going

Through Laurie's Lens!

Laurie. I've mentioned her in past posts.

a wonderful person.
huge heart
huge talent
huge with flexibility
huge love with little ones.
huge thanks to Laurie for continuing to help us document our pride and joy!

These are some images of Laurie's from a Valentines "mini session" Bean had with her.
We don't see her often enough but she always captures Andrew's spirit. She has been taking our photos since Bean was hours old.  
We are very grateful for her and her lens and are excited to share many more smiling moments with her.
Isn't he cute!!??
Check out her website and blog here.  Her business approach and kindness towards her clients are top knotch! 
She offers unique and affordable deals on her website every week. I'm taking advantage of her canvas deal right now.

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  1. AWE!!! So, so incredibly sweet. Thank-you for your kind words. Can't wait to see you guys next week!


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