March 29, 2012

Library Time

I'm not a big reader.
I'm not super proud of it but I can't seem to sit still long enough to really "get into" a book.
I'm hoping Andrew is more like his Dad in this respect and enjoys reading much more.  So far so good!
Last week we took our first trip to the "city" library.
Growing up in the country, we basically had our school library, WOW, times have changed. City libraries are impressive and offer so many FREE activities, who wouldn't want to just go and 'hang out"? A $12 membership provides so much opportunity to learn and love the art of words. What an affordable gift!
I took advantage of all the beautiful windows and bright colors to practice my picture skills.
Andrew was like a kid in a candy shop!

A child (and this Mumma's) dream table.
Our world is all about diggers and tractors, this book was a HUGE hit!
The Librarian gave Andrew hand stamps.  BUGS!  Librarians have sure changed as well.
If my office job had this bright keyboard it would have made many days more smiley!
Notice the mouse hold.  Talk about monkey see monkey do!

Libraries have checker board stations.  Who knew?

Apparently this is very important?

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