November 3, 2012

Spreading thanks! The Power of a simple gift.

I feel so grateful and fortunate to have peace and health in my everyday life.
We take the simplest of things for granted some days.
November is a big blogging month and a great month to focus on being thankful for all of the blessings in my life.
This is one way my family is hoping to spread the warmth and thanks we have in our hearts.
Samaritans Purse, Operation Christmas Child is an international Christian relief effort and development organization.  It communicates a simple message of LOVE and kindness and the funds offer opportunities to developing nations.
It is not about religion.  
It is not about pointing fingers at countries for not having the opportunities our children have.
It is about giving during a season of Peace and Harmony
I like everything about that.

It is simple... fill a shoe box with unique, fun items and spread thanks and cheer. 
Almost like a HUG in a box!
With a small donation of $7 (used mostly for shipping) and a few toys and items, we can create big smiles for little folks.
As we approach the season of FESTIVUS it is important to me to share.  
I want to teach and show my little what the true meaning of giving is about.
And that it feels so wonderful.
We all give in different ways.
We can't donate to everything.
This is true.  I get that.

Consider Samaritans Purse if you wish, the goal is to reach 100 MILLION shoeboxes!
Click here to find a donation centre near you in Canada.

Operation Christmas Child National Collection Week is NOVEMBER 19 - 25, 2012!
(We picked up our shoebox at the Superstore).
Our boxes are starting to fill up.
Considering two more.

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