November 19, 2012

Corporate Christmas BOO.

Last weekend we hit up Daddy's Corporate Kids Christmas party.
It was a very generous display of sparkles, flashy lights, bouncy castles and crying overtired kids of all ages dropping like flies.  Ok it wasn't that bad but on our way out to make it home before naps snuck up, we heard cries of sugar overload and tantrums galore.  Borderline funny.  No, seriously funny. Come on!

Anyway.... the big stand by Santa - be happy - get your damned picture taken thing didn't go over well.
I had a hunch this was THAT year.

Even the super cute smiling kid elf creeped out Beanie...

The ridiculously large tables overflowing with gifts didn't really impress him.  Not gonna lie.  I'm kinda happy that he could care less about gifts and nearly lost his mind over bouncy castles and silly cars.  The amount of gifts on these table was overwhelming to my eyes.  Children in many nations could only dream.  Generous - certainly.  Overboard - HELL YES... oh here comes Mamma Grinch!

Looks like our boy likes other things this year.  We are cool with that!
There will be plenty of years ahead for gift overload.

On a happy note, my sweet niece Aysha thought Santa was pretty wonderful!  Her Mamma works with Daddy.  Aysha was thrilled in her own quiet way.


I am so thankful for these generous opportunities our work provides for our children.  We are so very fortunate to live in the land of plenty.  WOW!

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  1. Anonymous30.11.12

    this is the year that we all sat on santa's lap with austin :)


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