November 15, 2012


The art of capturing our children when they aren't looking is a huge challenge for me these days.
We've hit the TWO and too cool for the camera phase.

Sadly I've discovered the TV can help me cheat a wee bit.
Toppy & Binoo to be exact!

And once in a while I can snag his attention to the lens.

Been working a bit on understanding light.
It is no easy mountain to trek over.  
In a nutshell, light is hard!

Chocolate (aka choca-babies), Toopy & Binoo and a stern look.
Not a bad day on the ranch I'd say.

So thankful for this chocolate mess!
(even though he did skip his nap today - lil bugger!)
You can find this chocolate recipe here.. it is AWESOMENESS!

1 comment:

  1. Charlotte sees a camera and immediately turns away - I know how you feel!


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