May 6, 2012


What the heck does #seventyinarow mean?

I just came off of a personal challenge.... running 70 days in a row! In a row.
It was perhaps the hardest challenge, mentally, that I've tackled to date.
Harder than Ironman.
Harder than child birth (WOAWA!)
Harder than leaving my wee Bean for the very first time.
It was hard because I knew there were no excuses.  
Maybe tomorrow.
I'm too tired.
I'm not in the mood.
None of those excuses would fly... so I didn't bother making them.

I ran anywhere from 15mins to 1 1/2 hours, depending on how I felt.
The deal was I had to give it my all for 10mins and if it wasn't clicking for me I could turn around and come home.  Easily, 99% of the time I just kept going.
These were not long, fast, hard core runs.  They were whatever I wanted them to be each day.  Reminders of how grateful I am to have the heart, lungs, legs, and chance to pound pavement one foot at a time.

I love to run.  But everyday for that long of a stretch? Mega mentally tough.
I picked this challenge for a few very personal reasons. I tackled a few demons indeed.
I ran in snow.
Under the stars.
and all by myself.
Every run was solo, I didn't want it any other way.
Most in the dark after Andrew was in snoozeville.
And all of them mapped and tracked (hello type A).

Thanks to Papa Bear and a few days my Mom, I was able to gett'er done.
Gotta come up with a new challenge.  Any thoughts?

Below are a few photos I took on my phone during or after my run. All of them sent to the beautiful iphone app INSTAGRAM where I tagged them as #seventyinarow (plusoneweebean to follow me in Instagram)
I saw a lot of miles and some amazing starry nights!
Running makes me happy.  I will never stop.


  1. If I had seen you yesterday, I would have taken your photo and labeled you "someone who inspires me". AMAZING! What an accomplishment. I found 30 days in Dec to be tough. I have also done a 30 day yoga challenge which I loved, but 70 days!!!! Very impressive mamma! I hope you treated yourself to a big cupcake at the end. The photos tell such a great story. Can't wait to follow your next adventure.

  2. Wow Sandra, how awesome!!! Congratulations!
    You are very inspiring <3

    Ps loved how you were photo documenting run numbers! (or that is what i assume the 31, 33 etc are?) Challenges like that really open up how you see the world through the lens dont they? very cool idea!!

  3. Congratulations! honestly this is incredible and inspiring. I can't even comprehend how tough this must have been. YOu should be incredibly proud of yourself. You've also inspired me to try this myself. Once I'm completely cleared of these nagging shin splints I'm going to do a 30 day challenge and then go from there. I'm not sure I can commit to 70 just yet. But 30 works for me. Congrats again.


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