May 12, 2012

My Mom!

My MOM is an exceptional woman!

Kind to all creatures big and small.
  TOUGH when it makes the most sense.
Generous to everyone and everything.
  WISE to know when to pick the right battles.
Genius to all the important little life lessons.
  PATIENT to let me pick my own course.
Funny exactly when she needs to be.
  STERN when it is the smart to do so.
Adventurous when around the corner there is a journey to explore.
  HARD WORKING when things need to be done.

My Mom is the most tender and loving Mom, Grama & Friend.
She has self respect, stories for miles, ideas to make 6 lifetimes enjoyable and a heart of gold with rubies and diamonds.  She is brave, a fighter, a getter done kinda gal.  She's honest, and diplomatic and has more patience than anyone I know.  I continue to learn the ins and outs of life from my Mom.

I hope to be half the Mom to Andrew as she is to me... and that isn't a cliche I'm throwing around.
She is KICK ASS!

I love you Mom.
Have a beautiful MOTHER'S DAY, you deserve an ice cream sundae with cherries, sprinkles, and twisty sparklers that blow out leprechaun kisses and high fives! Today, and everyday.

BIG HUGS to my MOM!!


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