May 17, 2012

Just a walk in the park!

Andrew and I often sneak away to explore.
No agenda or real "plan", just nature and us, and of course the canon.
Most of these adventures involve a new to us playground, a big sip of fresh air, and a Tim Hortons in hand
Calgary has wonderful parks, paths, and quiet spots.  You can almost pretend you are in the country if you close your eyes and listen... ALMOST!
Last week we cruised a path I've really only done training runs on.  It was a warm and overcast day and the leaves were just about to POP!
A beautiful way to share some giggles with Andrew. We practised our running. Good thing summer is around the corner, our form might need some tweeking!
(these are all unedited pics... no tweeking necessary)

The stare down! You will go my way Mumma!
Hmmmmm, what's that way?
A Bean sized tree! 
Blurry action shots! My boy is a RUNNER!

So Mumma, just curious, where is our chariot?

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