May 19, 2013


En route to Fernie House 2 every week I want to stop and capture this amazing tree.
Yesterday I finally had the chance.

The Burmis Tree is a limber pine located in south western Alberta in the community of Burmis, Alberta, along the Crowsnest Highway and east of municipality of Crowsnest Pass. The tree died in the late 1970s after losing its needles. Limber trees are known to survive harsh conditions and are one of the longest living trees in Alberta. The Burmis tree was estimated to be between 600 and 750 years old. In 1998, it was toppled by wind, however members of local community refused to leave it lying. Efforts were made to fix the tree back up using rods and brackets. In 2004, vandals cut one of the tree's main branches. Locals fixed it again with glue and a prop pole. The community rallied to have the new Highway 3 built around the tree rather than destroy the heritage symbol it has become. The tree is the only point of interest in the once prosperous town of Burmis. It is the subject of many paintings, poems and other forms of art, and it is said to be the most photographed tree in Canada, and perhaps even the world.

It is indeed a dramatic tree and on this overcast day it stood out that much more.
Glad I finally had the time to finally take a few shots of this Alberta legend.

Happy long weekend everyone!

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