May 16, 2013

Fernie Love!

This is indeed one of our happiest places on the planet (next to the farm I grew up on - nothing can ever take first place from that for me).
But for the three of us, it brings so many memories.  It means peace, and hope.  Fun, exercise, fresh air, simple transactions and NO TRAFFIC!

... and for the olden days when it was just the two of us, it brings memories of a few over the top late evenings, laughter with our favorite friends, new beginnings, and maybe a pint or ten?!

While our little dream is undergoing a "small" (yeah right) reno we have been lucky enough to stay at a friend's condo while they were not in town.  
Complete with pool and hot tub.  Someone thinks its a real BUMMER!
Brit, Brad, and Isla you are so kind.

As a child I skied in this town with my family.
That was long before I could ever truly appreciate its charm.
This small BC town makes me feel calm, and healthy, and not a tad anxious.
I like that in a place.

We are so pumped to share our dream with our family and friends.
We are so grateful for the chance to watch our family grow and learn and appreciate all this place has to offer.

We will even take the mid winter cold rain and the meltdowns that come with going to the ski hill or leaving the ski hill.  We have a few of those.  Oh yes we do.

If you have the chance.  Visit Fernie.  I hope it brings you smiles like it does us.
And check out FRESHIES when you come.  AMAZING tea and snacks!

Happy long weekend everyone.
We are off to Pleasantville!

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