May 27, 2013

Planting and all kinds of awesome!

This year I have an exceptional helper.
He is keen and well aware of what he needs to do.
Green thumb? Yes!
Beanie continues to amazing me with his sharp memory, hilarious vocabulary, and wee off the cuff comments that remind me that he IS listening and little ears are always alert.

We've been waiting to do some planting... a tradition we do with Grama.
The rain re-routed a few of our dates and Grama & Papa are on a much earned holiday in Holland and Ireland.
We took planting into our own hands today while we had the chance.
Someone was indeed focused.  And in his underoos to boot.

Happy Monday.
Happy Green Thumbing.
Now bring on the sunshine and let the popsicle eating commence!

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  1. Aaaw, these are so sweet. You actually have a true helper too! I just saw your pictures of the Burmis tree. It is amazing. Your pictures, of course, are fantastic. I would love to see this some day. Something very haunting about it.


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