October 31, 2012

Holiday fever...

I've been know to BAH HUM BUG a lot of early holiday festivities.
I can't help it.
I see the hub bub that comes along with holidays as a bit of 'noise' and distraction from the true meaning of the celebrations.
Holidays of peace and relaxation seem to turn into drama, hussle/bussle, and tears far too often.

Is Halloween really a HOLIDAY?
I'm not sure but this year we threw up lights and balloons and carved the damned pumpkins 4 days early.
Tell your friends.
This Mumma may be softening?
not too fast....

There was wine and good eats and some pretty fine company to ring in the traditional pumpkin carving family night.
And when I say traditional, I mean the first annual, first of many, or basically just the first.

Here are some photos from our 4 day prep.
Costume pictures (cue drama and tears) to follow closer to the weekend.

The Trick or Treat sugar buzz is wearing off and this Mumma is coming doooooooooooown!

Beanie BEAR! 2011
(first ever taste of candy) last years post here.here and here.

 Beanie BONES! 2012
(well versed in candy aka choco-babies)

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