October 6, 2012

Bad A$$ & Apple Pie!

I'm not much of an adult or toddler fashion poster (mostly because I have very little fashion sense myself and we LOVE and live on hand-me-downs) but I had to post a few cuties.
Fall is in full swing, things are cooling off (some are excited about that, I much prefer flip flops and sunny days) but we are embracing our touques and hoodies.
This is about as bad a$$ as we get these days.  Unless you are trying to take away tankie!  YIKES!

Speaking of BAD A$$.... Andrew and I worked on our Apple and Pumpkin pie making skills.
Today we baked.
Tomorrow we eat.
Thankful for Thanksgiving Sunday.

We've entered the help Mumma phase.
I love it to say the least.
I hold so many memories of baking with my Mom.  I hope to pass along some of the same.
Beanie has a HUGE dislike for dirty hands.
As soon as he discovered he had hands, he wanted them clean.
"wash?" is heard around here a lot! (might get that from his Mumma)

With clean hands he dug in deep.
With diggers and tupperware (kinda happy only family will enjoy these goodies).
May not pass cleaning codes to some folks.
Shortly after this photo the bowl was tipped over and all flour was on the island.
We managed to save most of it and carried on with our pie adventures.
No sense crying over spilt pie dough???
(I had the floor lined with pillows Mom just in case he stepped off the chair).

A is for apple pie!
A is for AWESOME!
A is for ANDREW!!  xox
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!
We are so grateful for our blessings. 
Food, family, fun.

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  1. What a cutie! I can't believe he is almost 2.. where has time gone?


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