July 10, 2012

Stampede Whoop Up!

And this year the event is celebrating it's 100th birthday.  THAT IS OLD!
While we may not get to the "actual" Stampede grounds this year (what??? thousands of sweaty bodies, crazy expensive below average fried foods, screaming children and parents wanting to strangle one another, and heat stroke for a very high price??? doesn't sound fun with a 21 month old?) we are finding all kinds of ways to YEEHAW on our own.
In my past life (sans babe) I'd move mountains and golf courses to get invitations to every event under the moon.  Life is soooooo much nicer to me now.
Our family ventured to an official Stampede Breakfast this weekend in a community we used to live.
Live music
Loads of activities
Small crowd
Harry the Horse
and DELICIOUS pancakes.
I'm not telling which bfast it was, I like the fact that it was quiet.

Since Bean's cow hat was left at Papa & Grama's we settled for the John Deere theme.  

Super fun to celebrate the season with friends and their "happy" kiddos.
Jayme is the strong, serious, silent kind of cowgirl!

 And she is also a line dancing machine if she thinks no one is looking.
Her wee sis Robyn was content to sit with Harry the Horse.  Not a peep or a cry out of this 9 month old.

Kids abandoned favorite stuffies and cowboy hats to enjoy soccer, frisbee, face painting, and dancing. 
Pretty awesome way to spend a morning indeed!

Our little cowboy did not make eye contact with this Roper.
While Papa holds a rope a lot of the time and Andrew is usually quite interested... he wanted NOTHING to do with this gentle giant.  The beard maybe?
Or perhaps was he embarrassed of the high cut Wrangler shorts his Mom made him wear?  HELLO THIGHS!
Poor dude!

Any way you look at it, we had a great time.
This week holds play dates, more breakfasts, and a bunch of back yard, cowboy hat wearing water fun.
And this Mumma is going to learn how to take photos of faces without shadows.
Summer is in full effect.  WOW!

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  1. Trijam10.7.12

    Can't tell you how much I LOVE the wrangler bum close-up!!
    You will have to tell me where you found these!!


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