July 20, 2012


My niece Aysha is such a beauty.
Her eyes twinkle and pass out hugs like it is small town parade day.  For real.
From a wee little she has had a grand spirit.
This girl is going places and doing things.  BIG TIME!

Andrew and I had the chance to share Grama & Papa with just Aysha a few weeks back.
With a big family and many grand kids wanting a piece of their generous Grandparents, it is hard to have  'small group time'. 
Don't get me wrong, big group time is also fun.
There is something very special though watching kids have one on one, or in this case, two on one with the Grands.

Aysha was a helper, a cuddler, a singer, a babysitter, and a chore doer.
She loves pink and sparkles.
Popsicles and tea pots.
And all things girl.
Even more special, she rolls her sleeves up and gets dirty.  
You should hear sing while her Grama plays the guitar at sunset.  Heart melting indeed.
This sweet pea goes to Kindergarten this fall.  She's still a bitty baby to me. 
Love her to bits!
(and as a wee aside, that popcan in her hand is not hers, she was only helping...)

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  1. Anonymous20.7.12

    Thanks Sandra,
    Aysha is a blessing indeed - as they all are.
    It's wonderful she and Andrew developed their special bond. Long may it continue.


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