July 26, 2012

Phoenix adventure...

Heavy iPhone photo post...

Early June the three of us went down to Phoenix to purchase a new vehicle.
We made a mini vacation out of it and made ourselves at home at Grama and Papa's home in Casa Grande.
IT WAS HOT!!! 120 degrees kinda HOT.

We gave a few high fives to Cracker Barrel with some special folks we meet up with every time we are in Casa Grande.  They are wonderful to share laughs with, Roy and Chetra Little.  Andrew can even say CHE-TAH...
Andrew could set up camp at Cracker Barrell, hell I could!  That place is DANGER to the wallets.  They are soooo well set up for little ones it is frightening!  Marketing geniuses! 


We are HUGE fans of Mexican food in this house.
Especially the hole-in-the-wall sorts of places.  
Hands down, the best Mexican food we've ever tasted is in Casa Grande, and we have been to a hell of a lot of Mexican restaurants! Big time hole in the wall!
Little Sombrero is a drive up, order outside, extra beans for free and all the lemonade you can manage kind of place.
We tend to go there straight from the airport for most trips and hit it up 3 or 10 more times before heading back to Canada.
It is super affordable and old school authentic.  LOVE!
Most of the year they have cool water misters running.  Thank heavens!
So happy Bean digs it as well!


While Arizona is a big dry desert, it has some gorgeous plants.
So much PINK!
May and October seem to be the lushest times but it is actually surprising what you see late August.

Baseball game, pool time, early morning walks (and I mean EARLY) and a serious amount of popsicles.  
Not a bad tally for a mini vacation! 


Vehicle purchase, success!
Sun tan, success!
Burrito invasion, success!
Target adventures, success!
More amazing family memories, SUCCESS!

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