July 5, 2012

Barn series...

If every barn could tell it's story, I'd sit and listen to every moo, cluck, and oink detail.
Barns are beautiful.
They are heritage scattered throughout our amazing province. Some in the most hidden and secret places.
They were and are a family's bread and butter and bless us with history that is the prettiest kind.
They were the "power" houses for many successful and not so successful agricultural operations dotted throughout the country side.
Being a rural gal that grew up spending hours and hours in our family barn, these old creaky buildings fascinate the heck out of me.
I LOVE BARNS! and I loved spending time as a child in our barn.
This one is southeast of Strathmore, just on the edge of town.
It is the old W.I.D. (Western Irrigation District) barn. 
The creek running past it stills hold pieces of the gate used to open and close the creek to allow more/less water for the area farmers and ranchers to irrigate.
Simple. Essential. Magnificent. 
I did a little trespassing, jumped over (more like into) a creek and slipped on bunch of cow-patties to get to it, no biggy. 
I lost my phone, found my phone, and did a self pose for the very first time.
Stunning and quiet. No one was watching.


I'm on the search for more beautiful barns. Know of any?
Lifelines to many pioneers.
Good ol fashioned history!
Funny thing, I did a little googling on this barn and found another's photo of it.
Check THIS out! Same barn, different picture....

I have a bunch more photos stashed away of another near Mosseleigh where my Mom grew up!


  1. trijam5.7.12

    Big fan of the self-pic!

  2. That might be my fave pic of you ever. You look so beautiful and relaxed! Please take me on your next adventure. :)


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