February 27, 2012


This weekend has been epique!
Oh my goodness the snow!

Sick pow!
Gnarly lines!
Bangin tricks!
PHAT flakes!
Tight kinks!
Hard core booters!
We were SHREDDIN the GNAR!

SNOWMAGEDON basically in a snowboarders world.
(please refer to THIS dictionary for slang explanations!)

A true gift from Mother Nature in layman's terms.
We were fortunate to share a weekend of riding, serious eating, and hunkering down with great company. Fernie weekends are usually just the three of us.
Friend weekends remind us of our blessings.
Sharing and making memories is pretty darn sweet.
Darcy and I had an amazing morning on the hill thanks to Brad and Sarah for keeping the home fires stoked and Bean entertained! A rare chance and we are so GRATEFUL!

Dear Mumma Nature:
We love your gifts!
Thank you!!
D S & A
Adjusting Mumma's board for POWDER!
My love.
We woke to this and then some both mornings!

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  1. That looks amazing!! It must have been such a dream!! So glad you got to have an amazing weekend!!


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