February 4, 2012

Park Pleasures

Fresh air is a wonderful privilege.
Bright and beautiful.
We suck back huge amounts of it any chance we get.
Hello January/February and 10 degrees C! This is my kinda winter!
We are fortunate to live walking distance to mucho parks.
We visit them often and our mini has figured out they are fun zones, no drive by's allowed!
He tells us in his own way "I'm onto you guys. STOP THE CHARIOT!" This may involve squealing.
Last weekend was totally park perfect! And the week to follow has been pretty great indeed.
(more iphone moments)

Stand back.  I know my rocks! My Dad is a Geologist!!!
The swing is STILL not my favorite!
Can't fool me.  This is a Barney knock-off!

Happy weekend to you!

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