February 19, 2012


The tea party phase.
We found it!
It comes with crazy doses of head butts and tractor sounds but they are as dainty as possible, trust me.
One might not consider this proper tea but we found the beauty of the TEA PARTY and we are heavy in love with it! H. E. A. V. Y.
Our tea parties almost always involve TANKIE and George, but today a special invite went out to Bunny.
Andrew had tea for three (or triscuits and milk) and I watched him share, and laugh, and live in his own little world.
The power of the imagination.
Truly a delight!
And I'm hoping that just maybe he picked up some of his sharing ways from his Mumma and Dad???

Here is a sturdy and cute tea set we found at Cracker Barrel for Andrew.
A very affordable and ubber useful gift!

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    Am inspired...must find the wee men a tea set!


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