November 15, 2011


Doesn't it seem like every day of the week has a specific 'feeling' associated with it?
Well, every day except TUESDAY?
Monday is the dreaded work week renewal...
Tuesday, I got nothin.
Wednesday is hump day! I mean middle of the week of course.
Thursday is really the new Friday (well at least it was when I was in University).
Friday is well, FREEDOM starting at 5:00 and generally a relaxed day.
And Saturday/Sunday, OBVI!
Tuesday just seems to lack an emotion.
It lacks a personality.
It totally lacks a zip, zing, zoww!

Until today.

Yesterday brought the end of our family extended weekend.
The first of our Fernie season and an awesome one indeed. Complete with bacon, Timmy, and Canadian Tire. Our three family favorites.
Boo weekends coming to an end.

We said good bye to Daddy mid afternoon and watched the wheels carry him down the lane. There were tears. Andrew and I are officially flying solo for the week while waiting for Daddy's safe arrival back to Funsville.
Our home is a construction zone, yahoo new basement, and apparently babies don't sleep well during jack hammering sessions and nail gun explosions? WTF? Who knew?
Oh yeah, did I mention I'm the nap Nazi?
No naps missed.
** insert smiley face **

Anyway, winter is full on in this friendly little town and we set out to greet it, on a personality - free, emotionless TUESDAY!
Snowballs. Freezing fingers. Greeting neighbors. Snow angels. Puppy eskimo kisses. Mid day bath time. French fries and ice cream.
French fries and ice cream!! Together!!
It was a glorious Tuesday. And pretty damned fun. We didn't need a vehicle or toys or a shopping  mall. We didn't even need Timmy today.

We gave it a lot of personality (especially after the wee Bean decided afternoon naps weren't cool).
We gave it some zip zing zoww old school style (especially after Mumma slurped back her Skinny Girl margarita).
We even filled boring old Tuesday with dinner in front of the TV, in our undies. Well ok, I had pants on but little big man had a no pants party! Hoot hoot.
Oh what a day.
Really, being home with Andrew allows everyday to breath light and love and adventure.

So blessed.
So fortunate.
So in love.
With Tuesdays.


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  1. Oh it sounds wonderful! I am also without a car this week... it's amazing the things that you notice that have been passed by a million times in a car. Everything looks so different! What fun for you and Bean.


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