November 2, 2011


Are you taking the time to pause... take a deep breath... and look around?
Sip in the good good good stuff around you?  Tastes pretty awesome when we do.
Oh dear, here we go with the mushy sap.
No really... do you?
I'm the worst offender. So this is my own little check in.

Life is so bonkers.
Good to be productive.  Great to be social.  And awesome to be physically able to get up and GO.
We are all going every direction and tripping over our own goals, to-do lists, getting everywhere, and plans plans plans.
Lists are my favorite, don't get me wrong but I'm finding more and more, the bigger the list, the more disappointed I am at the end of the day when it all isn't neatly crossed off, neatly being key.  YES, Type A I AM!!
It is so rewarding to stop looking 10 steps ahead to think of what we are going to do when we get to point 'A' and instead look behind 10 steps to see how far we've come.  Boy oh boy do we move a mean distance in a day.

Today was a LUVING LOVE day at our house.
No jam packed.
No prepping.
No cleaning (I know, crazy hey).
No setting out lunch during nappies so we are right on schedule and ready to get goin.
No changing out of jammies (secret:  we even went for a walk in our jammies... Mumma included).
No toy tidying and organizing books into colors and sizes (come on, we've all done it).
No setting out the garbage in the exact spot it "should be" (cuz they are too lazy to get out of the truck - oops sorry, inside voice).
We rebelled it up and just hung out!  All - day - long!

New rule... take time and look around.
and every direction in between.
be honest and do a full 360.

Sip it in.
No, GULP it down.  SO GLORIOUS!!

The only thing on our list today was making a trip to the tire shop.  We took a route we've never walked before.  Imagine that!

Today was LOVELY.
I hope yours was too!

A few pics from the wee Bean...

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