November 17, 2011

CANADIAN beautiful!

It isn't always easy to find Canadian products, never mind buy them, but it is very important to my family to try.
Since I am a dead beat crafter I find it extra special to take advantage of other's talents. I can make a mean butter tart but crafts and I are not BFFs (despite what my Mom says - Mom, I know my Christmas ornaments are ugly. Let's be honest.) The holiday season has craft-it-up written in big BOLD red letters in my mind. I just wish it didn't punch us in the kisser until December 1st!

Merry Festivus is a ways off but this site may help you get through your list of sparkly pretty things for very special ones and feel warm and fuzzy about supporting a Canadian artist... you may even enjoy the shopping experience. On line shopping = no people and no parking!  Perfect!

I'm in love with letters and the letter press is a fascinating machine.  Have you ever seen one in action? Spectacular! When I discovered this "gem" of an artist on I couldn't help but add an item for myself.

Such pretty and classy items.
Canadian beautiful indeed.
Check out Gwen Delicious Jewelry.

Bonnie is from Vancouver Island. I can only imagine how pretty her creative back drop is.

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