November 5, 2011

Trick or Treat? Treat or Trick?

Where does this silly tradition come from?
Why are the rituals so different for country and city kids?
Why are some schools trying to analyze it to death and take away from the pure FUN that comes with candy,  pumpkins, creative costumes, and ringing door bells?
I don't understand... is it the TRICK or the TREAT that people seem to over think?
Yes Halloween was nearly a week ago but I didn't have the chance to share a bit of our spooooooky and sillllly adventure.  What a hoot.
The joy of children really can't be put into a string of words.
It is just impossible to explain the anticipation and goofiness that comes with Halloween nite, wouldn't you agree.
We had a simple day of visiting Grama & Grampa in costume, a tour over to Nama's house, a quick walk to our new neighbors Megan & Erin, and next door for a few chocolate bars for Mumma & Daddy.  Gotta keep up the sugars right?!  The sacred sucker was discovered and became a huge hit.  As a result our strict 7:30pm nite nite turned into a 9:30pm challenge with a few tears.  Ahhh what the heck eh!

Hope you hde a fun Halloween nite!

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