October 16, 2011


Andrew's first birthday fell on Thanksgiving Sunday so we decided to spend most of the day just the three of us.
We went swimming, drank coffee at our favorite coffee shop BEANO, and ended the day with a turkey dinner over at Nama's (and don't forget the all important NAPS!  We had a few of those).  It was another day to be amazingly THANKFUL.  Health, family, and a handsome little man.  Life is so busy we often forget that is all we really need.  I need constant reminders, and if I just stop and look around these simple reminders are everywhere.
I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend doing whatever it is you love to do...

Nama has the best drawers to play in!

Tupperware is by far my favorite toy!

Nama LUV!

The boys decided they needed to have a NO PANTS PARTY.
I have a feeling these two little men will be double trouble very soon?

Nama has the best decorations for whatever season we are in.

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