October 23, 2011

Celebrating ONE!

I'm a wee bit behind on posts... might have something to do with the little man I'm shifting from hip to hip? Might have more to do with the overwhelming 198 pictures I've been taking each day and can't seem to pick the prettiest or most perfect.

Last weekend was a significant milestone.  We celebrated ONE!
With our family surrounding us we laughed, made messes, shared hugs, created memories and rung in the magical one year with CAKE CAKE CAKE at the farm!

What a year.
What a family.
What a blessing.
What a great birthday party.
What a thankful Mumma I am.

I'm so grateful to unwrap new adventures with Andrew every single day.
Not all these adventures are family fun time but I wouldn't trade one of them in.  Not for a new fancy house, not for a lottery, not even for a shiny diamond ring as big as my head.  Andrew is the greatest of the great even during challenging moments (and he hasn't handed us too many.... yet).

This will be my last of the happy birthday posts because we are working on memories for year TWO!
Happy weekend everyone!

just a few very candid and unedited shots from the day...
Grama cuddles!
Hugs from cousin Regan!
Paxton burning up the wheels!
Cousin Aysha, always in a pretty party dress.
Cart riding attempt for Andrew.  No luck, even with Grampa
Ramsay, the sporty spice!
Auntie Wanda!
Braiden LOVED the carts.
Nama, Auntie Lawna and cousin Tyson!

Enjoying the sunshine with Uncle Reid!
Uncle Syd!
Auntie Sara and Tyson cuddles!

Mumma's first attempt at John Deere green!
Celebrating ONE!
A big box makes a perfect play house.
Bean enjoying his gifts.  Thank you everyone.

Sister LUV!
Our little pumpkin!
Andrew looks impressed by the candles...
and the icing....
and even the song...
but not his very own cake!
Grampa and the boys!
Thank you for hosting Grampa & Grama!
Bean, Mumma and Dad survived the day!
Thank you to our family for sharing the day with us!

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