October 28, 2011

Friday Phone Photos!

Being a farm kid I take for granted the easy access to critters of all kinds. I forget not everyone is surrounded by sloppy kissing dogs and purrrrrrring little puff balls.
We always had critters, all kinds, and they were and still are considered part of the family. Animals bring a kind of love to our hearts that is unconditional and doesn't need to be expressed with money or even words.  Animals love no matter what, just like children.
Andrew has had a lot of exposure to Grampa & Grama's animals but he still loves to cruise through the pet store.  I'm not a fan of pet stores (boo caged animals) but it is a quick and easy way to capture giggles and it lets Andrew's imagination go wild.  He points and wobbles from window to window jibber jabbering and kissing the glass.  It is this sweet innocence that makes my heart melt.  Any day is a great day for a trip to the pet store.

No, we did not come home with a kitty cat!


Bunny love!

Mumma can I get one?

Snackin & Shoppin!  Multitasker like his Mumma!

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