September 27, 2011

Melissa's Unplugged!

No camera.
No phones.
No baby.

Just me and my runners!
I forgot what that was like...
We were really UNPLUGGED, at least for the 1:50+ it took me to run the race (I'm too shy to tell you my actual time - SIGH).

We packed up and went to Banff for the Melissa's half marathon.  It was slow and steady but it was breathtaking.  It is crazy to know we live so close to such an amazing playground.  Good grief!
First time doing this race in 3 years.  Missed it once for a friend's wedding, once for no good reason, and once while waiting for the arrival of the wee Bean!

I ran and ran and ran.  I ran my heart out.
I have no photos to prove it, or mark the amazing mountain fall that hugs Banff.
Just trust me.
I ran!
That city is so beautiful this time of year.  It was full on summer but fall brings so much excitement about the winter ahead in Banff.  SKI HILLS are opening soon, yes soon.  You can honestly feel that vibe.  Maybe it is just me, but I sense it every fall in Banff. All the TOTALLY NARLY DUDES come out of the woodwork in anticipation for the super sick POW POW that is just waiting to blanket those big shinny rocks.  I'm not rushing winter, we all know it is my least favorite... I'm just sayin.

It was the first time I'd ever ran this race in 30 degrees, it is always chilly and fresh and involves down vests and fuzzy sweaters.  Not this year my friends,  HOLY SMOKES!  What is with me and hot races this year?  WOWZA.

So I ran and sucked back the beautiful fall sights and smells.  It wasn't just another run in the park for me.  Each run I do now is cherished and appreciated, as it is just so much harder and more work to get out for them now.  So to pack up the family and head to the mountains just to do a run may seem crazy to some but it involved Tim Horton's, the chocolate shop, and some Led Zeppelin drivin tunes... Darcy is always game for those!

The course circles the Fairmont golf course.  Did you know Marilyn Monroe golfed there way back when?  YUP! It goes up and down and around and around.  Pat pat pat, just the sound of feet ahead and behind me.

It was like a bit of a chariot convention there, how did I never notice that before?  So many families sporting chariots filled with snacks to keep the old and young people happy.  Kids were clapping.  Kids were crying.  Kids were loving the mountain smells and all the amazing happy happy things that go along with the race environment.

I love to run.
I just can't deny it.
Melissa!  It was so great to see you again.
See ya next Sept!

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