September 16, 2011

FRIDAY Favorite!

Everyday he gets more handsome.  Wouldn't you agree?
He eats rocks.  He spits out rocks.  He eats grass.  He swallows grass.  What can I say, it all comes "out" in the end right?  This week we've made ventures into adventures.  We've crossed over a few mega road bumps but we are cruisin now.  Friday is a wonderful day.  We had tea parties with amazing friends.  So thankful for my friends.  We shared emotions and visits from Grama.  We cuddled bunny and tankie and had a bath outside in a big tupperware bucket, just because we CAN!  We welcomed back chore hat and took him on a few morning runs.  Yeah for fall morning runs. We look forward to a few kisses with a friend's new mini this weekend and a whole lot of bacon and eggs while sipping our BFF TIMMY! Our family is so in love with Timmy! 
We are embracing the last days of summer/fall, whatever you want to call it,  we are just embracing and lapping it up.  Today brings a big boy milestone, Andrew stood for a really loooooooooong 30+ seconds all on his own.  Then a big scary meltdown followed when he figured out Mumma wasn't holding his hand and counting 1 & 2, 1 & 2 (that is our cue for move those piggies).  Ahhhh the walk is around the corner, I sense it.... but we will be saving that adventure for another day (Mumma hopes).

Peace and hugs your way.

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