September 30, 2011

Happy Harvest!

The first time on the combine is a very sacred and special time for little (and big) people in our family.  It is a right of passage without a doubt.
My parents are proud third generation farmers... and way back when, my Great Grandfather, ANDREW, was a pioneer in the area.
Farming is a tough business but an amazing way of life.  It is our heritage.


Yesterday Andrew spent some time going around & around & around with Grampa and Grama.  I suppose to the average person that is how it appears, but driving the combine is a pretty crazy skill, those machines are high tech and so complex. The John Deere's of today that are found on our family ranch are complete with guest seats, kick ass stereos, and GPS. Yes, GPS!  Riding in luxury of course isn't cheap!$

Loading up!

Enjoying the view

Such a natural
Testing the buttons.
This is Deere country!
Making sure the hopper isn't full! (the hopper  holds the grain)
Round and round we go.
Driving and using an iphone?  GRAMA!!!
Watching the canola unload.

Oh what a fun day.  There will be more combing days ahead for the Bean!

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