May 23, 2015

Go outside!

His version.

Her version.

In our happy little home I'm feeling the technology crunch.
I'm the guiltiest under this roof.

Working so hard lately at being present.  Encouraging less stuff and more fresh air.
It's really hard for me.
I'm constantly planning and processing 3 steps ahead, just to try to keep up.

The iPad is a beautiful invention.
It buys us parents some time to breath, eat, or pee on our own.  WOW.  What a concept.
Lately though… it's driving me NUTZ!
I want less iPad in our home.

This mean a few extra BRIBES.
A LOT more popsicles.
And a whole lot more sandbox explosion messes I have to take care of… 
but I'm willing, I'm trying.

It's worth it!

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