June 6, 2014

Last few weeks...

Last couple of weeks have been filled with a bit of exhaustion, business trips, sicknesses, new routines, and exhaustion… oh right, I already mentioned that one, what about sickness? It goes on and on and on and... 
We are approaching the 6 month post partum phase, a personal challenge in all ways ugly for me.
Fingers crossed and closing my eyes.  UGH!

These little smiles and hearts fill me with heeps of joy and that is the focus right now.

We keep on smiling and experiencing…

Because we know that is what we are meant to do.
Daddy is back home and all is right in our home.

Praise to Grama & Papa for extra hands and help.  They just know when my heart needs them like I'm still 10 years old.  So grateful to be able to count on them 100% of the time for help, in all kinds of ways. No questions asked.  Ever.

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