June 23, 2014


 She's SIX months old!  Our Baby Buggy Bug.
(ok, closer to SEVEN but I'm trying to catch up).

She LOVES her soothers.

… and by LOVE I mean she hoards them.  Always has one within reach.  One in her mouth and one in each hand.  It hilarious.

She laughs from her toes all day long.  HAPPY is a great word to describe our Bug.

She ADORES her big brother.  I can't say I blame her, he is such a cool dude!

She can almost sit up, is eating real food, and is crazy tall for her age.

She is the most beautiful blue eyed girl I've ever met.

and she has my Mom's crooked grin (what an awesome trait to share).

I'm so happy to be her Mumma.
(even if she still wakes up multiple times at night to snack… )

(don't let these cute smiles trick ya… some little boy was being a stinker - BRIBERY to get these shots).

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