October 17, 2013

Wee Bean goes MONKEY!

A talented friend and fellow Photographer holds a superb tradition each year....
Halloween Monster Mini Photo Sessions.

She captured these images of our wee man a few weeks ago.

There was no fuss or debate putting on this warm and fuzzy suit this year.  AMEN.

Andrew insists that he will be going Trick or Treating as a John Deere COMBINE this year, not a monkey....
Still working on how the he!! we are going to make that happen.  Anyone? Anyone?
We are hoping Papa comes up with some sort of magic cuz this Mumma has zero creative talents.
In the mean time, he humoured us and put on this warm fuzzy for a few tearless minutes.

** These photos are all taken by Laurie @ Through Laurie's Lens**

Thank you Laurie!

Cutest Monkey ever?!

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  1. Oh man he is so cute! Love that smile and definitely the cutest monkey!!!


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